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Woodbox® Technology allows to combine the enjoyment of heat and ease of use with outstanding burning performance. You only need to press a button on your remote control to enjoy all the benefits of Woodbox®.

Nestor Martin´s patented Woodbox® combustion technology uses a combination of natural chimney draft and preheated air, driven slowly and evenly towards the flame. This way, you get stunning flame effects, ranging from huge flames to afterburning fire of all colors dancing over the logs.

A unique aspect of Nestor Martin wood stoves is also their programmable thermostatic remote control that allows you to speed up or slow down the fire at any time. Thanks to the built-in thermostatic process you can set the desired temperature.

The stoves will burn for up to ten hours in saving mode, without reloading. The view of flames and incredibly precise control of the fire is unmatched. It is worldwide known that only our combustion technology makes a stove a genuine Nestor Martin.

Woodbox® Technology gives you the ability to control your comfort easily, and it also has the following technical advantages:

  • Combustion system incorporating combined afterburn
  • Excellent performance
  • Environmentally friendly emissions
  • Precise control of the burn rate of the stove
  • Airwash system to keep the glass of the stove always clean
  • Additional air inlet for an easy fire start
  • Steel airtight firebox, lined with cast iron
  • Simple manual operation

Remote control: play with fire without getting burnt Models featuring Woodbox® Technology may come optionally equipped with a remote control. From your comfortable seat you will be able to adjust the burn rate.

The remote control can be used both in “manual” or “automatic”. mode. When used in “manual”, just by pressing buttons + and - you will be able to adjust the amount of air going into the stove and thus easily increase or decrease the intensity of the flame.

The remote control can be used to change this setting at any time,just like manually adjusting the air control. The “automatic” mode will adjust the temperature of the room: the built-in sensor will control and adjust the stove performance automatically.

The Nestor Martin remote control will provide more flexibility and comfort than ever.

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